Bluechiip Partners

Bluechiip has executed three license and supply agreements, with an immediate addressable market of US$250 million, with the following partners.

Genea Biomedx

Genea Biomedx creates vitrification and incubation platforms for Assisted Reproductive Technology and In-Vitro Fertilisation (ART, IVF), distributing through one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Genea Biomedx IVF tracking market is worth US$20 million. It plans to launch product soon through a major global pharmaceutics partner.

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Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation is a design house which was awarded Australia’s ‘Most Innovative Company’ for five consecutive years. Planet Innovation’s cryogenic cold chain logistics market is US$30 million, alongside adjacent opportunities.

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Bluechiip Distributors and Representatives

Bluechiip has distributors and representatives all around the world. Contact us through our contact form, send us an email on or call +61 3 9763 9763 to put you in contact with the closest one according to your location.