Confidence in every sample

Bluechiip understands that every sample is critical. Managing them with optimal quality in the most efficient way is the objective. Bluechiip is the only solution that provides sample temperature with ID in cryogenic environments to deliver confidence in every sample.


The next level in Sample Management

Along with traditional Barcodes and Labels, Bluechiip’s unique and patented chip technology is designed to operate across a wide temperature range from -196°C to over +150°C, creating the perfect system for managing sensitive samples.

Bluechiip Enabled Consumables, Readers and Software combine to provide an unparalleled ability to track and store sample level data, including temperature across the cold chain process.

Drives Productivity:

  • Reducing manual processes and eliminating double witnessing
  • Identifying multiple samples instantly through frost
  • Simplifying inventory management for faster processing
  • Driving efficiency at every step of the workflow

Redefines Quality:

  • Capturing ID and temperature at the sample level for cold chain integrity
  • Reducing the risk of temperature excursions in cryogenic conditions
  • Providing key workflow insights to drive continuous improvement
  • Eliminating errors through advanced location control
  • Enabling compliance to industry standards and internal procedures

Bluechiip delivers confidence in every sample

Bluechiip Workflow Benefits

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