What is Bluechiip technology?

Bluechiip unique and patented MEMS technology is embedded in sample containers like cryovials and cryobags combining secure wireless sample tracking with integrated temperature sensing. Working reliably in harsh environments, including temperatures from -196°C to over +100°C, the devices and are not affected by sterilization processes or frost build-up. Bluechiip’s technology strives to be the new gold standard in sample tracking as it represents a radical change compared to traditional tracking technologies such as labels, barcodes and RFIDs.

Why choose Bluechiip for my sample traceability?

Bluechiip enabled consumables, readers and software work seamlessly with one another providing with unrivalled productivity, quality and traceability benefits for managing cryopreserved samples.

  • Save time by accessioning and auditing frozen samples in batches
  • Reduce sample loss by mitigating against the risk of label failures
  • Reduce or eliminate excursions to protect sample integrity
  • Eliminate human error and ensure your inventory records are always accurate
  • Generate electronic picklists and find samples quicker with guided retrieval
  • Check and/or continuously monitor sample level temperature during handling and transport within your facility
  • Full audit trail and chain-of-custody for each and every sample

Bluechiip Workflow Benefits

What’s happening at Bluechiip?

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