Sample ID-tracking and temperature-sensing at the sample level for extreme environments using MEMS technology

Bluechiip provides unique and patented technology that combines secure wireless tracking with integrated temperature reading for use in extreme environments.Bluechiip’s strong IP portfolio includes 24 granted patents in seven families, including the core Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) memory device and sample storage and monitoring systems that include sample level ID and temperature tracking.

A Chain of Custody System

The core Bluechiip system consists of a wireless tracking/measuring chip, a reader, and associated software.

  • The chip: The Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) chip is a purely mechanical device with no powered electronics. It differs from labels, barcodes and radio-frequency identifcation (RFID) technology in several ways: it performs in extreme environments, operating reliably at -196°C; it is resistant to gamma sterilisation; it is extremely diffcult to clone or corrupt; and it provides temperature reading. It can be attached to any plastic for a variety of uses (e.g. vials or consumables).
  • The reader: The reader can be handheld or multi-point. It enables instant tracking of ID and temperature sensing, increasing productivity and reducing human error.
  • The software: The easy-to-use software has wireless connectivity and keeps a chain-of-custody database record for samples in one location

Competitive Advantages

There are few competing technologies that work in extreme environments, and no other competing technologies provide integrated wireless temperature reading and tracking.

Traditional tracking technologies are not suited to harsh conditions because: labels and barcodes cannot be read through frost; removing frost to take readings can damage samples; and RFID technologies typically do not survive in low temperatures or sterilisation processes.

Conventional temperature-sensing technologies are limited because: they sense the environmental temperature, not the temperature of the specific samples; and they require wiring and electronics, which do not work well in harsh environments.

Bluechiip Enabled Features

Cryo Operational

On-Board Sensor

Non-Visual ID

Anti Counterfeit

Sterilisation Proof





Bluechiip Enabled Benefts

Improved productivity
Increased Sample Quality
Reduced Human Error

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