Bluechiip Universal CryoBox
Bluechiip Universal CryoBox

Bluechiip Universal CryoBox

The Bluechiip Universal CryoBox is designed to hold 81 units of any 2mL vial in the market. It is ideal for storing and consolidating cold legacy samples in manual storage to make sure they are easy to locate in the future. Non Bluechiip enabled vials have to be identified visually or using a barcode reader which is also included in the Bluechiip Hand-Held Reader

With the Universal CryoBox, Bluechiip traceability can be achieved at the box level via the Guided Storage and Guided Retrieval tasks on Enabled storage equipment such as Frames, Towers, Shelves, Freezers and LN2 tanks. Each Universal CryoBox comes with Bluechiip CryoTag to enable ID and temperature recording via a Handheld Reader, Multi-Vial Reader or a BoxTracker.

The Bluechiip Universal CryoBox is made of plasticised cardboard and withstands freeze thaw cycles without perishing. Vial locations are labeled inside and outside of the box for a convenient storage and picking operations.

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