Stream 5 Sample Management Software
Stream 5 Sample Management Software

Stream 5 Sample Management Software

Stream Sample Management is designed specifically to help users maintain an accurate record of sample inventories and streamline workflows within their biobank. Customize your storage hierarchy and sample templates to suit any sample type. Add Bluechiip readers to record critical sample data and update locations, whilst reducing admin overheads and the risk of human error. Maintaining an accurate inventory and finding samples in your freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks has never been easier with electronic picklists and guided storage and retrieval which drastically reduce pick times and eliminate costly errors.

Easy to setup and ready to use out of the box, Stream software comes pre-installed on each Bluechiip Reader and the BlueCube which is a server that stores the information you need and can be used to back-up your precious data. Stream’s Web API also makes is easy to integrate to existing LIMS or ERP systems and other third-party systems. Supporting your compliance and regulatory needs, Stream Sample Management software is the software platform every biobank manager has been looking for.

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