Bluechiip Enabled Vial Range
Bluechiip Enabled Vial Range

Bluechiip Enabled Vial Range

We have developed a range of Bluechiip enabled vials which include our chips in it. These vials are specifically designed for any application be manual or automatic and can withstand cryogenic conditions including vapour phase LN2

The insert in the bottom of each vial containing the DeltaTag (or the Bluechiip tag that provides ID and a temperature measurement) can be supplied with laser etched 2D datamatrix matching barcodes.

Available sizes: 2mL and 5mL. Other sizes such as 0.5mL and 1mL are available under special order.

A Bluechiip enabled SBS range is under development and will target large population biobanks which high throughput storing and retrieving.

Bluechiip enabled vials are manufactured by renowned consumable moulders and are being used by several biorepositories in the USA, China and Australia in the field of cell therapies, virology and cancer research and genereal biobanking

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