Retrofit Button for Cryovials
Retrofit Button for Cryovials

Retrofit Button for Cryovials

Bluechiip’s retrofit buttons are designed specifically to fit a range of existing vials in the market. The retrofit button contains a DeltaTag (the Bluechiip ID and temperature sensor) and can be supplied with laser etched 2D barcodes (datamatrix, QR codes).

Bluechiip Retrofit Buttons are being used by several biorepositories in the USA, China and Australia in the field of stem cell therapies, virology and cancer research. The button is most commonly attached to a Nalgene 1.5ml tube, which enables facilities to keep the same vial supplier and sizes for automation. The button also fits vial sizes from Nalgene, Wheaton, Greiner BioOne and CryoBioSystem, which have similar bottom skirt diameters. The buttons are permanently attached to the tubes via a cryogenic glue or ultrasonic welding

For Original Equipment Manufacturers buttons can be redesigned for specific packaging, sizes and configurations.

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