Multi-Vial Reader and Matchbox
Multi-Vial Reader and Matchbox

Multi-Vial Reader and Matchbox

The Multi-Vial Reader scans the ID, temperature and positions of 81 (9×9) ColdPoint vials in the CryoBox. The Multi-Vial Reader can also sense the ID of the CryoBox, via the CryoBoxTag and relate it to the vials. The CryoBox has an open bottom, therefore, it also allows the optional barcodes on the bottom of the vials to be read with a flat bed or camera scanner.

Multi-Vial Readers need to be ordered with a corresponding Matchbox reader to operate. The Matchbox controls and decodes the vial positions and can be used as a desktop single vial reader.

The Multi-Vial Reader supports a ColdTop (sold separately), an insulated dry-ice charged device surrounding the CryoBox while scanning. This helps maintain a cold environment while scanning the samples, which preserves sample quality.

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