The CryoTag incorporates the Bluechiip smart chip. The smart chip is embedded into the base of the CryoTag, which is inserted into a mounting module for racks, cassettes, towers and tanks. The CryoTag is supplied pre-sterilised but may be re-sterilised at any time via autoclaving or gamma irradiation without any degradation or loss of function.

Every time a CryoTag is read, the sample’s temperature is measured, time-stamped and recorded. This allows a storage hierarchy and temperature history to be recorded, providing a complete chain-of-custody. The CryoTag allows faster and more reliable sample retrieval. It reduces sample handlers’ exposure to liquid nitrogen and improves OH&S. The CryoTag can be incorporated with 1D and 2D barcodes as a secondary identifier to further streamline the biosample management system.

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