Bluechiip BoxTracker™
Bluechiip BoxTracker™

Bluechiip BoxTracker™

The Bluechiip BoxTracker™ and Handheld Reader are part of Bluechiip’s Advanced Sample Management Solution – Bluechiip Enabled Consumables, Readers and Software.

Track and monitor samples while being handled outside of long-term storage with the Bluechiip BoxTracker™ in combination with the Bluechiip Handheld Reader. Record and link ID to time, technician and continuously monitor temperature at the cryobox level during critical transport and handling processes while on dry ice or LN2. By bridging the gaps between receipt – storage – retrieval – utilization, the Bluechiip BoxTracker™ helps capture critical handling details, driving productivity, redefining quality and providing confidence in every sample as seen in the this scientific poster.

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