Bluechiip Ready CryoCassettes
Bluechiip Ready CryoCassettes

Bluechiip Ready CryoCassettes

Bluechiip-patented polycarbonate cassettes are designed to store blood bags containing platelet and plasma concentrates. The polycarbonate cassettes are 76% cooler than aluminium cassettes when removed from liquid nitrogen, have a clear window, can be colour-coded and have a unique anti-slip mechanism that locks them into racks.

The Bluechiip cassette safeguards blood and derivative concentrates against unwanted thermal excursions. The polycarbonate material overcomes fundamental problems with aluminium cassettes, which demonstrate poor thermal properties and can be sharp and awkward to handle. The Bluechiip cassette has a simple open and close function and a clear window for immediate identification of a sample or barcode. Multiple colours provide a third identifier to group specific samples. Each Bluechiip cassette has a locking mechanism to prevent it from sliding out of a Bluechiip rack during handling. The cassettes and racks are stand-alone products that can also be fitted with a Bluechiip CryoTag, enabling temperature and identification tracking.

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