Phacilitate Leaders 2020 – World Stem Cell Summit

20-24 January, 2020 : Miami, USA
Booth Number : Book a meeting though the app or directly with us

All attendees of Phacilitate Leaders World and the World Stem Cell Summit have access to the event planning and networking tool, which enables you to navigate the agenda, maximise your time and meet with the right people.

Once you’ve booked your pass, your name and company will appear within the app, increasing visibility of your attendance from the offset. You’ll have first pick when arranging the meetings with the people you want to meet, at a time convenient to you. There’s also a great ‘how to’ user guide that accompanies the app.

Last year 710 companies used the tool to arrange over 3000 meetings.

The event planner and networking app is specifically designed to create the best event experience, so you’ll be able to:

  • pre-arrange meetings with other attendees
  • build and manage your personalised agenda
  • create, share and exchange virtual business cards
  • navigate your way through the event using the floor plan
  • send private in-app messages to other members