bluechiip technology


MEMS smart chiip

The smart chiip is a patented and highly miniaturised device that enables the bluechiip® chain‑of‑custody system. The smart chiip features instantaneous measurement of temperature and identification while being immune to extreme environments such as cryogenic storage and gamma irradiation making it suitable for biobank operations.



The Matchbox™ reader is the transaction point to read the bluechiip® cryovial and CryoTag™ to track and record the identification and temperature to the individual sample level. The Matchbox™ Reader is able to read both vials and bluechiip® smart chiip enabled racks, cassettes, towers and tanks without interrupting the thermal stability of the biosample and its environment.


Stream™ Software

The Matchbox™ Reader provides a graphical interface on the front of the unit that allows the Stream™ Software to deliver benchmark levels of consistency, reliability, efficacy and robustness to ensure quality and viability of biosamples from the time of collection to disposal or dispatch.

Simple tracking for extreme environments using MEMs sensors.

Micro electro mechanical Systems (MEMS) Technology is a processing technology based on principles of semiconductor manufacture to create and combine miniaturized sensors, actuators and processing into a single chip which provides an interface to the micro world. These MEMS sensors remain largely invisible to us every day, however they are in our car (crash detection), mobile phone (sense phone orientation and microphone), video projectors (tiny mirrors reflecting light onto a big screen), watch (altitude sensor), disk drives (drop sensing) and pedometers (sense steps). Bluechiip® has used this technology to create a MEMS tracking system.

The smart chips are designed to be incorporated into existing or new products that require enhanced security, reliability and data permanency, which is an ever increasing demand. Bluechiip’s novel technology can survive gamma irradiation and survive and operate in extreme temperature conditions, offering a competitive alternative to traditional barcode and RFID tracking technologies. Bluechiip® is the only company that can provide temperature chain‑ofcustody tracking to operate end to end within the specimen lifecycle for valuable sample storage.

Alternative Technologies