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Bluechiip Developer’s Kit

Embedded solutions 
for OEM partners

Bluechiip is an advanced tracking and monitoring technology designed to support sample lifecycle management in low temperature environments. The Developer’s Kit allows you to evaluate the Bluechiip technology in your product giving it a competitive advantage over your competitors.

On successful evaluation Bluechiip is able to support custom integration and establishment of ongoing licence agreements.


Developer Kit Product

Matchbox Reader 

The Bluechiip Matchbox Reader reads and identifies the Bluechiip Tags.
It is ready to use out of the box with Stream X software preloaded for set‑up and optimisation of tag placement.

It can be updated to Stream V4.0 to activate the web‑based, chain‑of‑custody software and temperature reading functionality.

Bluechiip Delta Tag (TAG‑001)

1 tray x 490
6 trays x 490
24 trays x 490

The Delta tags come in trays of 490 and are comprised of a chip on a PCB antenna. The tag is immune to gamma radiation and can be stored and read in cryogenic environments. Each tag is made up of a MEMS‑based microchip mounted on a printed circuit board antenna.

The Lorentz force resonating device is passive, in that it does not require power but obtains its energy via a read signal from the Matchbox™ Reader. Each chip is programmed during the manufacturing process with a unique identification number and every read of the tag is checked by an internal 18‑bit BCH error detection and correction code.

Stream X Software

Stream X software uses proprietary algorithms to decode the signal from the tag and determine its ID and critical performance parameters.

This data is displayed on the Matchbox Reader LCD screen to give you the information needed to optimise the tag position and environment. It does not require connection to a PC but if required the results can easily be downloaded to a computer or SQL database.

Optional extras

Alternative tag formats

The standard kit contains Delta tags but other formats are available. The Cryotag is a sealed tag with wire wound coil antenna used in conjunction with the Retriever Wand. The Cryopin, designed for the synchrotron market, is suitable for use with the Cryopin Reader. For applications requiring a bespoke antenna the Bluechiip Chip, without an antenna, is also available.

Reader Head Attachment

The Retriever Wand is a hand held attachment and attaches easily to the back of the Matchbox reader. The Multivial Reader is designed for reading a tray of samples automatically. As well as the Single Tag Reader on top of the Matchbox, a remote Tag Reader attachment can be connected to the back of the Matchbox for more flexibility in position. The Cryopin Reader can be immersed in LN2 for reading tags in‑situ.

Stream software

After optimisation of the tag and reader integration, Stream X can be upgraded to the sample management software Stream V4.0. This web‑based, temperature chain‑of‑custody application is designed to track the location, custodian, storage event and sample temperature of each individual item stored in cryogenic environments. Stream™ can be used as a stand‑alone sample management system or can be integrated into your current LIMS or a remote SQL database.

Design Integration

Engineering support for optimisation of product integration is also available.