Investor/Partner – Message from the CEO

Welcome to bluechiip Limited. bluechiip is an innovative technology and product‑based solution provider that was incorporated in 2003 and listed on the ASX in 2011.

Whether you are an existing shareholder or considering investing in the company, we welcome every shareholder to the register and value you as part of our team. Since incorporation, our goal has been focused and consistent: to create value for shareholders, one step at a time. Year after year, we have followed a disciplined approach: building on existing operations, seeking out growth opportunities and prudently deploying our capital.

We value our commercial, manufacturing, development and strategic partners. Our view is that we will grow and realise the full potential of the company together with our partners.

Our eyes are firmly focused on the future. By staying true to our principles and values, we are confident that the future for all investors and partners will be bright.

Andrew McLellan, CEO

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