bluechiip Products

Preserving the viability and quality of biosamples through accurate ID and temperature trend management is key to regulatory protocols and evidence‑based biobanking. bluechiip’s system can reliably read samples that have been stored in extreme cryogenic environments that allow your facility to more efficiently capture the complete history of who, where, when, how many times and what the temperature is of an individual biosample as it moves through the stages of its lifecycle within your biobank.

Retrofit Buttons

The retrofit buttons are designed specifically to fit a range of existing vials in the market. The product contains a DeltaTag (the Bluechiip ID and temperature sensor) and can also be supplied with any laser etched 2D barcode (datamatrix, QR codes...) For OEM's, the button can be redesigned to specific packaging, sizes and configurations. Contact us for more information.

Multi-Vial Reader

The Multi-Vial Reader can scan ID and temperature of 81 (9x9) or 100 (10x10) vials in a box. Currently under development, we have prototype units for a 9x9 configuration available for our customers. Contact us for more information.

Hand-Held Reader

Bluechiip is proud to announce the latest fully mobile reader for Vials, CryoTags which also includes a 1D/2D barcode scanner. It has been developed capturing user feedback data from previous readers and prototypes. It can be used with gloves and it's also tactile. The reader runs Stream Sample management software and can work as a stand-alone unit or connected to a central database via Wi-Fi. It can also be integrated with other sample management softwares through simple WebAPI commands.

Smart Chiip

The smart chiip is a patented and highly miniaturised device that enables the bluechiip® chain-of-custody system. The smart chiip features instantaneous measurement of temperature and identification while being immune to extreme environments such as cryogenic storage and gamma irradiation making it suitable for biobank operations.


The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial has been designed for the storage and transportation of biological material. With the smart chiip technology embedded into the base, the bluechiip® cryovial provides identification and temperature sensing of the sample contents. The bluechiip® cryovial is manufactured from UPS class VI polypropylene.


bluechiip® patented polycarbonate cassettes are designed to store blood bags containing platelet and plasma concentrates. The polycarbonate cassettes are 76% cooler than aluminium cassettes when removed from liquid nitrogen, have a clear window, can be colour coded and have a unique anti-slip mechanism that prevents them sliding out of racks when being handled.

Racks / Frames & Towers

bluechiip® racks and towers are made from high-grade stainless steel for durability, strength and corrosion resistance. bluechiip® offers a 6 and 8 bay rack designed to store 6 or 8 aluminium cassettes (canisters), and a 12-bay tower to store cryogenic boxes.


The CryoTag™ incorporates the bluechiip® smart chiip, and all the benefits of the tag are available for racks, cassettes, towers and tanks. The smart chiip is embedded into the base of the CryoTag™ that is inserted into a mounting module. The CryoTag™ is supplied pre-sterilised but may be re-sterilised at any time by autoclaving or gamma irradiation without any degradation or loss of function.

Matchbox Reader & Retriever

The Matchbox™ reader is the transaction point to read the bluechiip® cryovial and CryoTag™ to track and record the identification and temperature to the individual sample level. The Matchbox™ Reader is able to read both vials and bluechiip® smart chiip enabled racks, cassettes, towers and tanks without interrupting the thermal stability of the biosample and its environment.

Stream Software & Updates

Stream™ is a web-based sample management and temperature chain-of-custody application for biosamples stored in cryogenic environments. Stream™ is designed to track the sample management process and the custodian, location and sample temperature of each individual biosample. Stream™ can be integrated with current LIMS systems or used as a stand-alone sample management system.