Smart Chiip

The smart chiip is a patented and highly miniaturised device that enables the bluechiip® chain-of-custody system. The smart chiip features instantaneous measurement of temperature and identification while being immune to extreme environments such as cryogenic storage and gamma irradiation making it suitable for biobank operations.

Each smart chiip contains Lorentz force resonators tuned to frequencies between 1.3MHz and 4.1MHz. The device is passive, in that it does not require power but when the resonators are stimulated they return a signal that indicates the unique identification and temperature of each smart chiip. The unique identification number is programmed during the manufacturing process and the tag is checked by an internal BCH error detection and correction code. Every time a smart chiip is read, the instantaneous temperature is measured, time stamped and recorded. This allows a temperature history to be recorded to provide a more complete chain of custody. The smart chiip will survive sterilisation by autoclaving or gamma irradiation with no degradation or loss of function.

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