Matchbox Reader & Retriever

The Matchbox™ reader is the transaction point to read the bluechiip® cryovial and CryoTag™ to track and record the identification and temperature to the individual sample level. The Matchbox™ Reader is able to read both vials and bluechiip® smart chiip enabled racks, cassettes, towers and tanks without interrupting the thermal stability of the biosample and its environment.

The Matchbox™ Reader comprises a web server together with a database that matches the bluechiip® smart chiip against pre-recorded data related to the individual biosample. The Matchbox™ Reader provides a graphical interface on the front of the unit that allows the Stream™ Software to deliver benchmark levels of consistency, reliability, efficacy and robustness to ensure quality and viability of biosamples from the time of collection to disposal or dispatch.

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