The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial has been designed for the storage and transportation of biological material. With the smart chiip technology embedded into the base, the bluechiip® cryovial provides identification and temperature sensing of the sample contents. The bluechiip® cryovial is manufactured from UPS class VI polypropylene.

The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial is self-standing with a self-locking base for automatic or manual handling and has external threads which reduce the risk of contamination. It can be autoclaved (121 °C) in an upright position with caps loosened and is manufactured from polypropylene to withstand temperatures to -196C. The vial is certified nonpyrogenic and RNase -/ DNase-free, comes sterilised by gamma irradiation and and has a silicone washer for a secure seal. Using the bluechiip® 2ml cryovial allows rapid identification and monitoring of temperature to the sample level during storage, retrieval and other laboratory tasks for faster and more reliable sample retrieval. The bluechiip® 2ml cryovial can be associated with 1D and 2D barcodes as a secondary identifier to further streamline the inventory management system in the biobanking process.

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